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How Blood Donations Help

You have the ability to save lives!

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Blood Needs & Blood Supply

Every 2 seconds, someone in the country is in urgent need of blood. It is crucial for surgeries, emergency patients, accidents and burn victims. Whether you donate whole blood, red cells, platelets or plasma, this lifesaving care starts with you making a generous donation.

Every 2 seconds someone in the country needs blood.

The average red blood cell transfusion is approximately 3 units.

Less than 40% of the population is eligible to give blood or platelets.

Blood and platelets cannot be manufactured.

Red blood cells must be used within 42 days (or less).

Platelets must be used within just 5 days.

Who can you help by donating blood?

Every day, patients of all ages are in need of blood transfusion. From premature babies to adults. Accidents and victims, Thalassemia patients, Sickle cell disease patients, Cancer patients, organ transplant patients, and heart surgery patients. In fact, some Thalassemia, Sickle cell and Cancer patients need blood on a daily basis.

How often can you donate?

  • Whole blood: This can be donated after every 56 days or 08 weeks.
  • Platelets: Platelets can be donated every 7 days and up to 24 times in a year.
  • Plasma: Every 28 days and up to 13 times in a year.
  • Double Red Cells: These can be donated every 112 days or up to 3 times every year.
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