In this fast-paced world of today, people tend to forget the horrors and miseries which can come as a result of a single mistake on the road. Road accidents are responsible for a great number of casualties worldwide and the consequences of a tiny mistake on the road are permanent and scar the families involved for life. As an advocate of life, Save Life Foundation, Inc is a non-profit organization whose aim is to raise awareness among the people regarding the horrific after effects of a road accident.

Keeping in view, the catastrophic effects of the accidents, the time for action is pretty narrow and every second count. In a blink of an eye, a simple ride horrifically transitions into someone’s last ride. It is crucial for every individual involved in an accident to understand the calamity of the situation and act in accordance with it. At such times, it doesn’t matter who the victim and who the culprit is, the first and most important thing is to help the injured get the necessary treatments they need. Road accidents had been one of the leading causes of blood emergency and medics need to work out for a way to transfuse the blood lost by the victim on the road. In such an hour of despair, a single right move from the hand of the culprit can help make up for the mistakes he/she did on the road. 

The consequences of the road accident are brutal, and it changes the lives of everyone involved in a matter of seconds. At such times, there exist a room for heroics which can save the lives of the people involved and may help in the reduction of casualties. In an accident, there always exist three individuals comprising the victim, the culprit, and the donor. The blood donor is the individual who plays the perfect role of a hero and helps in saving lives of the people who deserve a new chance in life. During the hours of blood emergency, a single donation can help build back a single piece of the life of the victim which was shattered down into a million pieces on the road. The emergency blood is mostly administered in road accidents and surgical emergencies. The blood types such as O negative that are remarkably rare are administered first. 

Blood emergency caused by the on-road accident is disastrous and the medics are forced to race against the time in hopes of saving a victim’s life. As an individual and as a society, it is essential for us to work on raising awareness in the public about such cases of blood emergency. Saving a single life can give a person a heavenly sense of fulfillment and can save up a person during the troubled times of life. Being aware that a single act of donation can help give someone the gift of life, as a healthy human being, it is our responsibility to play our part in saving the lives of our fellow human beings. 

Save Life Foundation, Inc was formulated with a simple goal of helping the needy get the donations they need. Serving as the bridge between a donor and the victim, it is our goal to work for providing ample supply of donated blood at times of such blood emergency. Life is uncertain and mistakes do happen, one never knows how a single donation of a person can help miraculously save a life of someone dearest to you.