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September 22, 2018

Amazing Facts about Blood Donation

Blood donation is healthy, donate blood

Why you need to start donating blood today !

Even when we all feel like technology is evolving, and scientist is acquiring knowledge that is beyond our comprehensions, it is safe to say that it will take the time to create an artificial blood – which I fear may never come to fruition. For this reason, people who need blood must still rely on their fellow brethren to get. Sad, because a lot of us still find it hard to donate blood. For this reason, we’ve cooked up some amazing blood donation facts that would interest you and make you keener to make you donate your blood for a greater course.

Donating blood Might Help Uncover A Hidden Diagnosis

It might interest you to know that every blood donation people make tends to undergo 13 different tests, 11 of these tests are for infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and HIV. If any of the listed tests come out positive, this will not only save you money for further diagnosis, the facility where your blood was tested will notify you of the diagnosis in case you were never aware of it in the first place.

Majority of the facilities will also offer you a mini-physical before the donation process which would include checking your blood pressure and Iron Levels

A great Excuse for skipping your Exercise routine

If the reason why you keep skipping your daily exercise is that of saving the lives of others who need a life (blood),it helps improve your own health and coupled with the fact that you are also losing weight while at it, then you’ve got a good excuse. It’s possible to burn about 600 calories for every blood donation you make (that is per one pint of blood),guess what, that’s even better than a 20-minute workout – amazing right ❤️.

donate blood because you are the best gift for someone

A man who saved our future.

Maybe you haven’t heard about the story of a man who saves the lives of 2 million babies due to his rare blood type. It was recorded that Harrison’s blood had a high level of an antibody known as anti-D immunoglobulin which was used to help the babies with a condition known as Rhesus Disease. In layman’s language, the immune system of mothers carrying this rear disease attacks the fetus, but a transfusion of Harrison’s blood can help fight such attack. This story should inspire you, who knows the number of knives you will be saving with yours.

The is someone out there in need of blood.

A scary fact was shared in the US recently, it talked about someone needing blood every two seconds in the United States. Now Imagine, that’s just the United States, do you know the number of people who need blood now, if you’ve got it, why not share it?

When you donate blood, you are not just doing it for yourself, you are saving the lives of millions of people who are in need of it.