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Save Life Connect

What is this all about ?

We solve the problem of blood emergencies by connecting blood donors directly with people in blood need.

What we do ?

We connect blood donors with recipients, without any intermediary such as blood banks, for an efficient and seamless process.


Save Life Connect is an innovative approach to address global health. We provide immediate access to blood donors.


Savelife is one of several community organizations working together as a network that responds to emergencies in an efficient manner.

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Save Life Connect works with network partners to connect blood donors and recipients through an automated SMS service and a mobile app.

Totally Free

Save Life Connect's ultimate goal is to provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-access, fast, efficient, and reliable way to get life-saving blood, totally Free of cost.

Save Life

We are a non profit foundation and our main objective is to make sure that everything is done to protect vulnerable persons. Help us by making a gift !

Save Life Connect

Using Our Service

Using our service is as simple as saying, Hello!



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Post a Blood request

Post a blood request using this website or our app and locate volunteer blood donors within your area.


Get notified

Get notified in real time when a donor has been found and when the blood is on its way to the patient


Save a Life

Donating or requesting blood share the same noble and final purpose : Saving a Life.

Save Life Connect

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