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Ride with Careem

Careem offers a free ride to eligible blood donors

Save Life Connect

What is this about?

Careem and Save Life Connect has partnered to help save lives in Pakistan.

What is Careem?

Careem is a car booking service for a safe, reliable and affordable ride. Forget about parking, traffic, car rental, or waiting for a taxi.

Careem and Save Life Foundation collaborates to save lives using a mobile app Save Life Connect

What is this about?

Our partnership with Careem lets us give a free ride to the eligible blood donors in an emergency. We will cover the costs to get blood donors to the hospital or a blood bank as fast as possible.

What will it fix?

There are times, a blood transfusion is needed in an emergency for families who have been in accidents or experienced trauma, mothers experiencing labor complications, fathers having heart surgery, children undergoing chemotherapy treatments, premature babies trying to breathe with tiny lungs, or grandparents suffering from severe anemia.

Careem and Save Life Connect makes sure a blood donor reaches to the hospital as quickly as possible to help save lives.

Why and How?

A willing blood donor wants to save a life but does not have a car or a bike to commute to the hospital, we make sure the donor is able to save a life at the time of most urgent need. In as little as few minutes, they can become someones unnamed, unknown, but all-important hero.

Blood donors who do not have a ride to the hospital needs to request the ride from Save Life Connect app. Our systems will receive your ride request and will run checks behind the scenes. If a donor is found eligible and a need is super urgent, our automated systems will send a Careem captain on your way to pick you up.

Note: We just connect you to the Careem captain and the charges are covered by us. We do not take any responsibility of Careem's service or anything. We simply connect to make this happen faster.